Some Projects

Supply and deployment of Telecom RF Planning Software, provision of Onsite and Remote RF Planning Consultants, and technical support for RF Planning Software deployed at MTN Nigeria.

Supply and deployment of Telecom Equipment (E-TOP UP) to Globacom Nigeria and Ghana – In the capacity of local partner and provision of deployment and ongoing support services, working with Seamless AB.

Hardware supplier and deployment/support partner for completed Seamless ETOP UP at Glo Benin.

Supply and deployment of  Telecom Equipment (USSD platform ) to Globacom Nigeria and Ghana  –  In capacity as local partner, hardware supplier and provision of deployment and support services working with Openmind Networks.

Supply and deployment of (Proof of Concept) Dynamic Sim Activation Platform to Globacom Nigeria, Benin and Ghana – In capacity as Main contractor with Buzzinbees as our sub contractor

Supply, deployment and ongoing maintenance of Bulk SMS Platform to Globacom, Nigeria, and Benin – In capacity as Software manufacturer and main contractor.

Some additional projects executed:
  • Main Contractor and Supplier of Coiler Repeaters (3G Home Boosters) to MTN Nigeria, this serves to ensure subscribers receive better network coverage when this is deployed at their premises.
  • Implementation of Multi VAS Solution for Globacom Group (Nigeria, Ghana & Benin).
  • The solution which includes several Value Added Services  (platforms) gives the operator  the ability to utilize SMS, Bulk messaging, MMS, Cell based broadcast, Voicemail, Internet Infrastructure, call driver solutions and USSD with a charging proxy that could implement various rating scenarios in order to maximize operator revenue. This solution gives the operators Value Added Service environment exotic services like:  Please call me back, Please Recharge Me, bulk sms, advertisement based on location (cell based advertisement) and even smart customer care reporting tools to track ever changing needs of subscriber in an intelligent manner. Project Cost : Multi million dollar project

    A summary of some more:

  1. Implementation of Message Personalization Solution in one of Nigeria’s Largest Operators
  2. Implementation of Zain Congo Messaging Platform for Mobile Banking.
  3. Implementation of Airtel Uganda Messaging and Business Intelligence Platform
  4. Implementation of MTN Nigeria Business Intelligence and Monitoring Platform
  5. Implementation of GLO Nigeria Business Intelligence Platform
  6. Implementation of Charging Solution for Globacom Nigeria
  7. Implementation of SMSC Platform for Globacom Nigeria
  8. SMSC Expansion MTN Nigeria and Integration for Advanced message routing
  9. Implementation of MTN Nigeria Business Intelligence and Monitoring Platform
  10. Implementation of GLO Nigeria Business Intelligence Platform

Supply and Installation of Smart Metering for Water and Electricity in Estates in Abuja and Lagos

To date, TechFuture’s engineers have provided in the Telecom Industry, onsite system integration services and technical support to the following countries, Orange Botswana, Malawi, Angola, Nigeria, Uganda, Congo, Benin and Ghana, including technical support to Swiss and Belgian operators.